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Our firm focuses its practice in business law with areas of practice including commercial transactions, corporate reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions, tax, real estate, wills, trusts and estates, employment law and commercial and civil litigation. Having a broad array of legal knowledge and experience, the members of our firm are able to provide advice and guidance to our clients in a practical and efficient manner.

Practice Areas


Should you set up a corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship? If a corporation, should it be federal or provincial?

Commercial Transactions

We believe that the success of many businesses and business people can be measured by the strength of their relationships...


The complexity of tax laws and regulations can be bewildering. The fact that the rules change so frequently at all levels of...

Wills, Trusts & Estates

Without careful planning, years of hard work to build up capital may be needlessly squandered. We believe that our clients should...

Litigation & Advocacy

Over the life of any business or individual, disputes are bound to happen, some of which may be resolved out of court...

Employment Law

Employer and employee relationships can be enhanced by structure and good communications, thereby minimizing unpleasant situations...

Manufacturer's and Product Liability and Latent Defects

One of our significant areas of specialization pertains to latent defects and manufacturer's and...

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Our firm is a member of the Legal NetLink Alliance, a global network of carefully selected, midsized, general practice, independent law firms. Member firms are united by a mutual belief in high quality and cost effective advice.

Firms are selected for membership because they represent a high level of quality and integrity. The network’s membership of first class law firms comprising over 1500 lawyers gives our clients access to quality legal counsel and representation virtually anywhere in the world.

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