A tenacious and skillful litigator with considerable experience in commercial disputes and injunctions, his drive and passion, both in negotiations and in Court, allow him to obtain great results for our clients.


Jean-Thomas Desgagniers obtained his Bachelor of Civil Law in 1997 at the Université de Montréal.

Jean-Thomas practices principally in the areas of civil and commercial litigation. He possesses significant experience in matters of contractual disputes, shareholder disputes and extraordinary recourses. He works in conflict resolution in all spheres of civil and commercial law.

An experienced and passionate lawyer, Jean-Thomas is mindful of representing his clients in the best possible way, by analyzing in each case all the factors involved. It is through a rigorous effort and intellectual integrity that the approach and direction are defined, and then followed through with determination.

Practice Areas

Jean-Thomas's practice touches on all areas of civil and commercial litigation as indicated above, and even more particularly on highly conflictual or complex litigation.

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