A passionate and skillful litigator, she is highly appreciated by our clients for her skills as well as her practical approach, persistence and compassion.


Valérie is a partner of the firm and is responsible for processing Personal Information. 

After graduating from Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf in 1999, Valerie received her Bachelor of Civil Law in 2002 from Université de Montréal and graduated with distinction.

Over the years, Valérie acquired extensive experience in real estate, construction law and latent defects having worked in numerous files jointly with the Honourable Jeffrey Edwards, j.c.q., a recognized expert in Quebec in those areas of law. Valérie has represented buyers and sellers in complex latent defect files related to soil contamination, structural problems, water infiltration and mould issues of various sources. Valérie recently updated the articles « La garantie de qualité ou contre les vices cachés en matière d’immeubles » and «  La responsabilité du vendeur et du fabricant pour la qualité et la sécurité des biens » of Justice Edwards.  She also assisted in the drafting of his published article « La qualité du vendeur en matière de sols contaminés » and contributed to the second edition of his book « La garantie de qualité du vendeur en droit québécois ». Valérie has been a speaker at conferences on latent defects.

Valérie has also developed an expertise in labour law and counsels and represents both employers and employees with respect to employment conflicts, whether it be dismissals, constructive dismissals or layoffs.

Valérie favors a practical and efficient approach in order to achieve our clients’ objectives. She has earned the respect of her colleagues in Court and at the negotiating table.

Valérie has been a member of the Young Haitian Chamber of Commerce and a member of their board of directors.

Practice Areas

Valerie practices in civil and commercial litigation principally, in the areas of latent defects, labour law and estate litigation, where she has assisted our clients in estate liquidation and has acted to contest Last wills and testaments based on incapacity and/or undue influence. Valérie has also represented clients in files regarding the interpretation and enforcement of commercial leases and in radiation of legal hypothecs.

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