Manufacturer's & Product Liability & Latent Defects

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One of our significant areas of specialization pertains to latent defects and manufacturer's and product liability. Our expertise and experience in this area, which is shared by most of the lawyers in our litigation department, was developed in large part through the involvement in our firm, over a sixteen year period, of our former partner, the Honourable Jeffrey Edwards, j.c.s., appointed to the Superior Court of Quebec for the district of Montreal, a recognized expert in this area.

On a daily basis, our firm handles files relating to latent defects, manufacturer's and product liability and real estate and construction law.

For example, our firm can help you in files pertaining to soil contamination, presence of asbestos, water infiltration, presence of carpenter ants or bats or any defects in the structure or construction or renovation of the property that was purchased or sold.

Justice Edwards was a leading practitioner in Quebec in the law of product quality and defective workmanship and the author of the reference book on the subject, La garantie de qualité du vendeur en droit québécois. His book has been regularly quoted by the Courts of Quebec and the Quebec Court of Appeal and, on a number of occasions, by the Supreme Court of Canada.

Throughout the many years that he headed the litigation department of our firm, Justice Edwards helped develop several of our lawyers in the area of manufacturer's and product liability and latent defects, thus leaving the firm well-equipped to continue providing quality services in this area.


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